Praxis Alumni

2011-2012 Fellows

Alex Gil

Alex Gil did early development on the Rails setup. The most continental of the Fellows, Alex also built an i18n framework for multi-lingual support and translated the site into French, Spanish, and German. Towards the end he worked on migrating Prism to production. Alex is a doctoral candidate in the UVa English Department.

Brooke Lestock

Brooke Lestock served as Project Co-Manager, along with the fabulous Sarah Storti. Brooke was also a member of the design team, which entailed conceptualizing and wireframing the Prism site, styling odds and ends, as well as contributing and editing prose for the site as needed. She is a master's candidate in the UVa English Department.

Lindsay O'Connor

Lindsay O'Connor was the devoted web designer among the Praxis Fellows. With plenty of help from Brooke and Sarah and Scholars' Lab R&D, she translated the team's wireframes and Ed's static page designs into their current web format, and also managed some of the design workflow. Lindsay is a doctoral candidate in the UVa English Department.

Sarah Storti

Sarah Storti was Project Co-Manager, together with the incomparable Brooke Lestock. Additionally, Sarah participated in design team discussions, helped to solidify the user story and wireframes for the site, and spent a significant amount of time writing, reading, and editing Prism site prose. She is a doctoral candidate in the UVa English Department.

Joanna Swafford

Joanna Swafford acted as lead developer for the project. She built the data model and the necessary Rails framework, along with the javascript that enables highlighting and visualizing the texts. Annie also stepped up as all-purpose trouble-shooter extraordinaire in the final weeks of development. She is a doctoral candidate in the UVa English Department.

Ed Triplett

Ed Triplett, artistic visionary, designed a static prototype of the Prism webpage. His other duties included creating the Prism logo as well as making Adobe Illustrator versions of the many wireframes that emerged from design meetings. Ed also contributed sketches of possible future visualizations. He is a doctoral candidate in the UVa McIntire Department of Art.