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Words of Wisdom from Professor Overstreet

H. A. Overstreet

“When this book was first undertaken, I had the good fortune to come across a sentence that seemed to me to go straight to the center of our human concerns. It was by Dr G Brock Chisholm, Canadian psychiatrist, later the distinguished head of the World Federation for Mental-Health. The sentence reads, ‘So far in the history of the world there have never been enough mature people in the right places.’”

I once said that our problems are so vast that it requires two (at least) specialists to tackle them: First a problem-recognizer, one who can recognize and clearly present a problem; and second, a solution-‘proposer’. One who can develop solutions to the problem as presented

We need to bear in mind that the first books children read are usually from their parent’s bookshelf. We need to provide for that.

Another thing to remember is that practically the entire vast store of human knowledge and experience is in books. We won’t have all of the important books on our shelf, but we do need to show that they are out there somewhere, if not in the local public library.