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Space Orgy

Daniel Higgs

I am everywhere all the time

You will know me by my smell

East-West on the Greyhound line

Tracing invisible trails

Here is my head in a Lucite box

You will know me by my frequency

Here is my footprint on the face of Mars

In the Year of Our Lord, 10,000 B.C.

It's later than I thought it could get

I lust in brand new ways

I loiter below the weather clock

To await the appointed day

When the bibles rise in the urban skies

Combust in electric flames

The birds sustain a monotone drone

Until we forget our names

These dreams we dream in common

You know the ones where we eat our organs

That dream is the last reminder

That dream is the final warning

Those who heed greet those who defy

Those who admit salute those who deny

And rise to a certain altitude

The divided mind is nullified

Choose your choice at the chosen time

Remove your face at the designated place

Peel your skin at the beginning, friend

It will be returned at the end

Labor and toil and trial and task

The nature of which depends who you ask

One thing is certain

This much is clear

The first day is looming

The last day is near

The bibles maintain a monotone drone

The birds coalesce in a human form

Its stride is a worldwide broadcast

As all earthly species exhale

Peel your mind at the middle

Furnish the newfound void

You are inside out at Antiquity

A monument to be destroyed

I marched in a wedding on the Equinox

My cheek pouch full of coins

Here is my liver in a lead-lined box

Here is my egg and seed conjoined

I pledge to stand at attention

I pledge to never swerve

I pledge to sing 1,000 more songs

In confusion I shall serve.