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Posted by Lorena

Yesterday was fantastic! We went on our end-of-the-year trip to the amusement park in Guayaquil. The park is called Fantasy Land. I had to get up so early though, since the bus picked us up from school at 7 a.m.!

Can you believe that Pablo nearly missed the bus? He was running down the street shouting and luckily Mr. Gómez, the teacher, saw him and stopped the bus. The journey was awful. There was an accident on the highway and we were in a traffic jam for ages, so we got to the park really late and there were already huge lines for all the rides.

The rides were fantastic! I went on the X Roller Coaster, which is totally crazy! It goes so fast and I felt really dizzy when it stopped. Guess what? Luisa vomited all over herself. Disgusting!

After lunch we went on the water rides, my favorite! We got so wet! They took a picture of us on the ride and I had my eyes closed and was screaming with my mouth wide open. It was such an embarrassing picture, and then Helena bought it and showed it to everyone. How embarrassing! Anyway, I took a lot of pictures too!