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Practice Sentences

Gay Baker

1. The deaf brother and sister go to elementary school together.

2. The divorced mom has three hard of hearing children.

3. While playing outside, the boy chased the girls.

4. Your sister in law is pregnant with twins.

5. The girl doesn't like her ex boyfriend.

6. My grandmother was the oldest sibling of 6 brothers and 3 sisters.

7. The high school boy flirted with the college student.

8. Right now, the bookstore is closed.

9. The middle school boys are hungry and want to go to the cafeteria.

10. The old man and woman are still sweethearts.

11. The librarian needs help carrying the stack of books.

12. Who is the hearing male student?

13. The children don't like to drink water.

14. Your cousin and her boyfriend fell in love on their first date.

15. The social worker helps young and old people.

16. The ASL classroom is upstairs.

17. The open window needs to be shut.

18. Students need to open their books.

19. The husband gave his wife chocolates and roses for their anniversary.

20. The roommates went to the movies together.