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Describing place


My place is located in a tiny island of Fiji. In a stilted house above the crashing waves in the Fijian Ocean. I am in love with the place because it is very isolated and is right on top of the water so I could jump off the back porch of the house and go swimming with the fish or go snorkeling and witness all the breathtaking marine life including coral, sting rays or just the truly amazing fish. Another main reason why I love being so close to the crystal clear turquoise water is wake-boarding. The water is rarely choppy and so the conditions are perfect. Another big reason why I chose Fiji for my place is it is an amazing spot for surfing.

In my place in Fiji I can hear waves splashing against the clear white, sandy shore. I can see the crisp well cooked beef burger beautifully presented on a metallic blue tray with a side of salted fries and a cool green soda. I can eat dinner while watching the dolphins singing in harmony. I can feel the humidity of the beaming heat of the sun, itching away at my bare sweaty skin. I start to taste the succulent beef burger working away at my dry taste-buds. As I take a long slug of my drink it mixes with the feeling of salty air on my lips.