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What challenges and positive experiences does people who come from a minority encounter? +++++. Define the task

I think people who comes from a minority feel more welcomed now, than they did a couple of decades ago. Businesses and the society are more aware that the minority can provide them with new ideas and perspectives. This makes the business more willing to invest in the minorities. An example of that is English courses. The courses are not only positive for the business, because their workers are more loyal to the company and they work more productive. It is also very positive for the minority who get the courses, because they get free education. This can be a stepping stone into a better life.

There is also challenges for people who comes from a minority. We are typically more prejudice against people with names from Africa and Asia. I assume most of us would rather employ Sam than Mohammed, if the only difference was their name. However, this not a great problem big in countries like the US and Great Britain, because there are allot of minorities that the majority is used to it. The problem is biggest in remote places where there are no minorities, where they have not experienced that they are normal people, just like you and me.

There are allot of people who use their life to make the life of others better. One example of that is Newcomer Youth Participation in Sports (NYPS) program. They lend out sports equipment to newcomer to help them engage with their future friends and learn about sports and culture. They think that if it is easier for youths to participate in sports and activities, that the cultural gap will decrease and therefore be better included in the society. This has a very positive effect on not only the youth borrowing the equipment, but the whole family. The parents get to meet other parents in a natural way, and the kids can watch their bigger siblings, or play with other kids.

I know a refugee call Sham. He came from Eritrea three years ago. When he first came he felt that no one liked him. That was because no one said Hello Sham to him, they only said hello. In the culture where he come from