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we've had enough

Michael Jackson

1   Love was taken from a young life

2   And no one told her why

3   Her direction has a dim light

4   From one more violent crime

5   She innocently questioned why

6   Why her father had to die

7   She asked the men in blue

8   How is it that you get to choose

9   Who will live and who will die

10   Did God say that you could decide?

11   You saw he didn't run

12   And that my daddy had no gun

13   In the middle of a village

14   Way in a distant land

15   Lies a poor boy with his broken toy

16   Too young to understand

17   He's awaken, ground is shakin

18   His father grabs his hand

19   Screaming, crying, his wife's dying

20   Now he's left to explain

21   He innocently questioned why

22   Why his mother had to die

23   What did these soldiers come here for?

24   If they're for peace, why is there war?

25   Did God say that they could decide

26   Who will live and who will die?

27   All my mama ever did

28   Was try to take care of her kids


30   We're innocently standing by

31   Watching people lose their lives

32   It seems as if we have no voice

33   It's time for us to make a choice

34   Only God could decide

35   Who will live and who will die

36   There's nothing that can't be done

37   If we raise our voice as one

38   They've gotta hear it from me

39   They've gotta hear it from you

40   They've gotta hear it from us

41   We can't take it

42   We've already had enough

43   They've gotta hear it from me

44   They've gotta hear it from you

45   They've gotta hear it from us   46   We can't take it

47   We've already had enough

48   They've gotta hear it from me

49   They've gotta hear it from you

50   They've gotta hear it from you baby

51   We can't take it

52   We've already had enough

53   Deep in my soul baby

54   Deep in your soul and let God decide

55   Deep in my soul

56   It's up to me and I'm still alive

57   They've gotta hear it from us

58   We can't take it

59   We've already had enough

60   It's going down baby

61   Just let God decide,

62   It's going on baby

63   Just let God decide

64   Deep in my soul baby

65   We've already had enough

66   They've gotta hear it from me

67   They've gotta hear it from you

68   They've gotta hear it from us

69   We can't, we can't

70   We've already had enough