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Come On Baby Light My Fire

C. Walls

                                             Come On Baby Light My Fire

Blake wanted to play Snap Chat Roulette. His strong desire to do this was humorous for me. I was eager to play since I had never played before. As a result of this lively conversation about Snap Chat I decided to be transparent with you and tell you a little about my love life.

I have been in several serious digital relationships. The first was with Travis. He looked good and smelled good! The second I did not really know his name, but he was an upgrade from Travis. I will call him Blue.

The third was a carbon copy of Blue, but her name was Shirley. She would fail me anytime she felt like it.

Now I am in a relationship with this guy. His name is Donnell. He is sleek, black, smooth, and sneaky. I can barely handle him! I can tell you that he is very, very digital. He likes to be in control. My goal is to learn to handle him! He starts with a touch! He says, “Come on baby, light my fire!” When I leave TRWP he is waiting for me. He whispers when I touch him, “Where you been all day? My background knowledge prior to getting involved with him was limited. If you were to get involved with his family members you need to bring a particular expertise with you in order to handle him.

Give one word to define him.