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Preliminary Suggestions for ECS

Amy and Mies

January 2014

Preliminary Suggestions for ECS renewal (draft ideas from December 2013 Program Review meeting)

1.   Math enrichment and challenge support will be taken on by the K-8 Mathematics Department.

Things to consider:

   Why is this a recommendation?

   How will the work with teachers happen?

   How will Math subject acceleration be handled (continue with ECS, shift to Math, both?)

2.    ECS resource teachers will continue as consulting teacher specialists, working with all classroom teachers. They will have three primary consulting roles:

   Instructional coach. They will work in a consulting role with teacher in order to build capacity for working and challenging high level learners by differentiating instruction, integrating 21st century skills, and using of technology to enhance and extend learning. They will also consult on the characteristics and needs of high level learners, and about students that teachers are currently working with. They will work closely with Guidance to address social-emotional concerns of students and parents.

   Leader of Project Based Learning work. They will develop and model project-based learning activities for students that embed DI, 21st C skills, and technology - within the context of the Brookline curriculum. They will formally collaborate with other learning specialists in each building. Although building-based, resource teachers will also be considered district resources and able to work on specific projects and needs across the district as directed.

   Curator of Resources. They will research current best practices and materials for use with high level learners and provide current and updated resources to teachers, particularly in the area of technology. They will provide examples and model use for teachers.

   NOTE– throughout these consulting roles, ECS teachers will model the use of technology as a tool for meeting the needs of high level learners.