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We are All the Same

Amalie Velde Birkeland

We are All the Same

Task 2C

«On the sports field or on the stage, there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best.”

My definition of this quote is that when your doing something you want to do, there is no difference. On the inside we all look alike. We are all made of flesh and blood, mixed with some bones.

In this text I’m going to write about diversity in sports and culture. I’m going to use texts from the preparation material and examples from English-speaking countries.

When you play football, for instance, it’s not the way you look that matters, it’s if your good or not. If you play football, and your teammates give you the ball, that means they trust you to pass the ball or score a goal. They don’t care what your background is or if you come from another country. This is because everyone is football players, even though some of us are caucasian or African-American.

   The paragraph I just wrote is a about a team, but is that every other teams as well? When you are playing in a tournament or just a regular football match, some of your opponents will try to tear you down. At first, they will try to tackle you, and if they aren’t able to do that they’ll try getting in your head. In the beginning they may try to just distract you, but then they might be more physical abusive. If you are dark colored, they can be racist to you. If you are caucasian they can talk about your dialect or your bodily composition. The only thing you can do is shut it out. Sometimes if you’re lucky the judge will say something, but you shouldn’t expect it. There are so many people who can make a change, but just doesn’t care enough. This is the biggest problem in sports.

In a culture there can be other types of diversity. In a culture there can be different people, but there is often a majority of one people in that culture, and then of course a minority of the other people. This can create racism and conflicts between some people. Other cultures may have music or dance as a feature. Music and dance can unite someone. It can make people feel welcome and home. When you dance or sing you are a completely different person than you were before you began. This quality can help avoid conflicts between a people, but for how long? You can’t dance and sing every day for the rest of your life just so there won’t be a conflict.

Some people can make difficulties everywhere they go. We just have to learn to live with it and try to stand up for each other. We should never stop trying to make peace in the world, but there will always be someone who don’t agree or don’t want to be on your “team”. We need to show those people that it’s their regret, their loss. Maybe then they’ll understand that if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it.