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Task 2A 29.04.19

Sondre Soppeland

Task 2A

It is challenging being a minority in the Us, especially if everyone can see that you are one. Specifically, people with different ethnicities. It is a little different for people born in the Us than people who emigrated or fled. Often having emigrated being the most challenging, mainly due to language barriers and not knowing the culture, unfair treatment by the police, racism and already established minorities, often have their own challenges.

The challenges of being an Immigrant

It is not easy to decide that you want to emigrate. It is a lot of work and there is no guarantee that it will make your life better. This goes both for legal and illegal immigrants. Both groups also must eat and buying food costs money. Therefore, is acquiring work often a priority when settling in the new country.

The difficulty of finding work depends on two things, education and language. If they got an education before they emigrated, their odds of getting a job is higher than those who did have an education before they left. Language is the second challenge; most emigrants does not speak perfect English. Some does not speak English at all, some speak a little and others speaks well with a various degree accent. The odds of getting a job in the industries such as marketing and service is limited, since these jobs often require high language competence.

Emigrants often sends their children to public schools because they can not afford anything else. In some cases, the children must drop out to work. So that their family can afford food and rent. This is naturally extreme cases and it happens mostly with illegal immigrants who are forced to work for less than the minimum wages. Because there are no one who wants to hire illegal immigrants unless they work long hours and for little pay. This can in worst case scenarios lead to more crime, because they can make more money and work less. This less likely to happen with legal immigrants because they have the right to a minimum wage and reasonable work hours.

One might speculate that this theory has been a major factor in the success of Mr. Donald Trump. Because he promised a way to stop the illegal immigration and the crime rates, The wall.

Other problems with being an immigrant in the Us are racism. Racism is already a problem between the majority and some minority groups. The level of discrimination warryes greatly depending on where in the us you are. So, if you are emigrating, discrimination depends on where you emigrate from, and where you have emigrated to. If you emigrate from Mexico to California, you are most likely to not being discriminated because there is an overwhelming majority of Hispanics in California. But if you Emigrate from the middle east to the deep south you are stereo typically more likely to be discriminated. There is often a divide between older generations and the youth. Because the older generations were raised when the Us had more enemies than today, Vietnam, Russia and Cuba for instance.

Despite all this people choose to immigrate to the Us. They often leave their countries during economic depressions seeking stable and better payed work in the Us. Because if you for instance have a degree in engineering and know basic English you have better chance of getting a job in the us than in your own country.