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Mrs. Waldo/Ms. Jackson? Class Expectations

Mrs. Waldo

In this class you should expect to have fun, work hard, and learn

What we expect from you

- We expect everyone to enter this room ready to learn

- We expect everyone to never give up.

- We will work on hard things.

- We will not always get them right the first or even second time, but we

   won’t give up.

- We will support one another. Life is hard, for kids and adults.

 - Life's better when the people around you stand up for and encourage you. -

   Let’s be those people for each other.

- Know that we are here for you if you have a question, a concern, a problem

   or a stress.

- We are so glad that you are a part of our classroom family.

- We can’t wait for the amazing things we will accomplish this year.

Getting Started

- Sanitize your hands BEFORE you are seated

- Have a seat in assigned seat and begin following instructions on the board

- Come in, get out your fully charged chromebook, library book, and

   composition notebook, and writing utensil.

- Your backpack should be hung on the back of your chair

- Get straight to work

- You will be counted tardy if you are not seated and working at the bell

- You should ALWAYS sit in your assigned seat.

- You may not move without permission. This is important to keeping one

   another safe.

- Your assigned seat will be adjusted by the teacher as needed.

Personal Supplies

You will need:

- 1 composition notebook

- 1 plastic folder with brads

- Pencil and/or pen

- Highlighter

- Earbuds

- Charged Chromebook

During Class

- You may NOT leave the classroom to go the bathroom, get a drink or go to -

   the nurse unless it is an emergency. The 15-10 rule still applies.

- You must stay in your seat for safety reasons

- If there is adult speaking over the intercom/PA you should be silently


- When visitors walk in, do not disturb them unless they speak to you.

- Be better than your best! Let them see your awesomeness!

- I give DOJO points for awesome kids doing awesome things.

- If you turn something in without a name, it will be thrown away, and you

   will be ZAPPED

- EVERYONE will talk to their partner/group. Everyone should participate.

- Failure to turn in classwork/homework/independently read will result in ZAP. :-(

- Make up work will be available on Google Classroom.

- It is your responsibility to complete any missed work.

- I am happy to help you, but it is your responsibility to ask for help.

Call for Attention

- ALL hands go UP tall. No wimpy elbows.

- Your voices are off.

- Your eyes are on who is speaking.

- You DO not speak while someone is speaking.

End of class

- We will rescore our goal at the end of every class in our notebooks.

- All supplies should be put away

- Desk should be sprayed and wiped

- The bell is a reminder to me. It does not dismiss you.

- You will be dismissed when everyone is ready and waiting quietly.