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Diversity, a safer life?

I feel safe. Why, you might as? Well, I feel safe because the ones around me feels safe. I feel safe because I know my friends, neighbours and future co-workers can be safe in the coming future. The fact that we as a world can share experiences and culture for the greater goods, comforts me. Even though there are challenges today like language barrier, discrimination and poverty we still do our best to include everyone in our society. Our working ethics and politics have changed because of the ones who search for a better life for their children. Minorities comes to us for a better future, but is it our duty to protect, include and help them?

If we compare todays modern society to the society and culture 50 years ago, we can see clear differences. Wars, conflicts and natural disasters have the last 50 years forced people to move from their homes and families to get a bright future for their coming generations. Together with the large number of newcomers in countries like USA, Norway and Great Britain, comes new culture, ethics and religion. To create a society which includes everyone these countries had to make a change. They had to share and mix their different culture to make one unique culture consisting of everyone’s backgrounds. This is the reason you can go out eating Chinese food, or Turkish kebab. These minorities originating from different parts of the world must work and get a source they can make a living out of. This forces some of the minorities to learn new languages, and vice versa, the majorities must learn the language of the minorities. It has created a world of multilinguals. Benefits of diversity in a workplace can be the fact that you get a broader pool of employees, more flexible work practices and improves the reputation of the business. The sharing of cultures also helps us learn more about the parts of the world we don’t see around us. This also again helps us immigrate some of the minorities and immigrant in our countries. The sharing of culture creates opportunities of every individual in the society, something quite positive, but are there negative sides of a mixed culture?

To every positive sides there also comes negatives. This is no exception. The mixing of culture can create for example language and understanding difficulties. Learning and mastering multiple languages is for many people a problem. Even though some businesses offer language courses, it can take years of learning the language just to manage to start getting an education. The working cultures might also have an affect on how people manage to cooperate in their jobs. The language can lead to misunderstanding and failures in the working section. One unique shared culture can create cultural barricades and some people refuse to let go of their traditions and refuse to live under other people’s laws and norms. It can also lead to people not taking part in the society and create slums or groups consisting of one common culture. Some of these people refuse to work for the society and won’t learn the major language. This often leads to the children to not get an education, and not participate in the building and future of the countries taking them in. Statistics from September 2014 shows that 11% of the black and African Americans are unemployed in the US. 6,9% of Hispanic or Latinos are unemployed while only 5,1% of the white people are unemployed. These statistics shows how big difference there is on unemployment in the US based on races.

Another challenge caused by diversity can be the discrimination. People might look down on others who is different. Not only the minorities caused by immigration, but the minorities of native Americans, gay people, and for example religious people. The prejudice of people who is considered “different”, can be extremely common and hard. People might not be employed because of their race, background, sexuality or because of a disability. An example of this is the clothing brand Abercrombie and Fitch, who was accused for racism. What they allegedly had done, was employing more white people in the face of the store, helping customers and working as cashiers or models, while people whit darker skin tones were put back in the storage space working where people would not see them. Another less known subject of people not getting employed, is the fact that some people get rejected because of their names. If one person is for example named Sam, he might be employed instead of someone with a name difficult to pronounce. There are many other examples of racism and people not getting employed on behalf of their beliefs and this is obviously quite negative.

Situations like the ones written in the past paragraph, occurs less and less in todays society. The minorities are more and more often respected, and this helps the diversity even more. When new religions are practiced we learn. In Norway we have a class where we learn about different religions, philosophies and ethics. This helps us learn and respect others’ beliefs and it helps us understand and include them in the Norwegian society. The stories of the minorities might also inspire the majorities. How so many people worked their way up the system, how so many people manage to get up after being discriminated. They help others to understand how important it is to value the smaller things in life. They help everyone get a wider perspective on life. Not only have the minorities helped others, the majorities in recent years have also helped the minorities feel more included. For example, have some minorities been more included in movies. In the movie, finding dory, there are a gay couple included. We can also see more movies where the main characters are played by people with darker skin colour. These little thing makes every minority feel safer and more included.

There are a lot of challenges and benefits of diversity in todays cultural society. A lot of minorities have been well received by the majorities, but still unfortunately there is a lot of discrimination. Some people may not get employed due to their ethnicity or disability. Some minorities like immigrants have a lot of prejudice against them and it makes their immigration harder. The language can often become a barrier, but it can also help humans understand each other. People learn more languages which leads to more respect and understanding of the world. As well as this we get more opportunities and the minorities can inspire as well as helping others to learn about values. It is the majorities that are responsible, together with the minorities to include everyone. The majorities have to help the minorities because they have been discriminated for a long time, but today and in the future, they will be more included in the society, and that makes me feel safe.