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McAllister Expectations


Welcome to 6th grade Reading!

=============ATKINS EXPECTATIONS==============

- Arrive on time, prepared to learn.

-Keep hands, feet , and objects to self. Stay on task and complete all assignments.

- Stay on task and complete all assignments.

- Follow directions

Respect yourself, others, and our learning environment.

++++++++++++++GETTING STARTED++++++++++++++++

=Do not come in without getting your hands sprayed!

=Come in, get out your fully charged, library book, and composition notebook, and writing utensil.

=Go straight to your seat!

=If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you will receive a card.

=Do not ask to go to the restroom, get a drink of water, or the nurse -- unless it is an emergency.

The 15-10 Rules applies also.

=Pencils are .25 (cents) in my class. I will not let you borrow pencils. DO NOT ASK ME FOR A PENCIL. You may NOT borrow from someone else.

=Take your backpack off of your back and try to put them on the back of your seat.

=Leave the numbers/letters/taped cards on your desk alone. You need these!

*******************DURING CLASS*********************

>Do not ask to go to the restroom, get a drink of water, or the nurse -- unless it is an emergency.

The 15-10 Rules applies also.

>You can no longer get out of your seat whenever for safety reasons.

>During the Pledge of Allegiance and during the moment of silence, make sure you are either saying the pledge or being silent.

>Mrs. McAllister's area is sacred. Do not borrow any of my supplies.

>"I don't know" is NOT an appropriate response. It's not okay to NOT try. Refer to the posters on the windows.

>Ask questions!! I love questions. It's kind of my job!

>When visitors walk in, do not disturb them or the rest of the class unless they speak to you. Be better than your best! Let them see your awesomeness. This includes people trying unlock my door. Please don't pay attention to them.

>Leave the numbers/letters/taped cards on your desk alone. You need these!!

>I give DOJO points for awesome kids doing awesome things. That will look like a lot of things!

>If you turn something in without a name, it will go in the trash, and you will be ZAPPED.

>EVERYONE will talk to their partner/group. You may even be asked to stand when you speak. Don't be shy!

>Failure to turn in classwork/homework/independent reading will result in ZAP.

>Make-up work will be in Google Classroom. It is YOUR responsibility. You'll thank me later.

#################END OF CLASS#################

*The bell is just a reminder to the teacher. It does not dismiss you, I do. I will not dismiss anyone until supplies are put away and the room is clean.

*I will spray down your desk. You will either leave it wet or wipe it -- don't dry it.

*You can no longer get out of you seat for safety reasons unless I ask you too.

*Take ALL OF YOUR STUFF with you when you leave.

*When the room is clean, everyone is in her/his desk, and the room is quiet, you may leave.

*Distance yourselves as best you can when leaving.


-- If there is a sub, you are expected to treat them respect. Period. You will have repercussions if your name is written down.

-- Homework is due next school day.

--Fire drills, tornado drills, and any other drills -- my class will always set the example -- meaning that we will follow rules. We will line up and follow my lead. Keep distanced.

--You will go to the library every two weeks! This will look a little different.

-- There will never be a time when you can listen to music on your phone or chromebook, so please don't ask.

-- We use the card system for discipline.

-- It is extremely vital that you learn to follow any and all directions.

-- I will hold you to a very high standard. I expect you give 100% effort every day!

-- This is just a short list of expectations. Most are common sense. -- There will be more to come.

-- You are doing a great job in my class!! The rules help protect you and allow you to learn.

-- I love you! -- I will do whatever it takes to make you successful!!