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Claim in Narratives

M Berry

Example: The Author, Ray Bradbury, In the short story Kaleidoscope uses multiple characters thrown into a sudden hopeless situation to make his claim about the importance of living life right. How each reacts to the situation helps this claim develop.

After the spaceship explodes and the astronauts are thrown into space, they each now have to deal with the idea that they are going to die soon. Hollis, the main character is still the reactive, tough guy the crew all knows at first. demonstrated by his act of smashing the facemask of a screaming colleague to shut him up, thereby killing him and his angry reaction to Applegate. Hollis is then hounded by another colleague, Lespere, who brags that his life was lived better then Hollis who missed out on things as he focused too much on his career. Hollis has gone through jealousy and anger and wounds up at satisfaction because each of the characters, no matter what life they lived, are going to die the same.