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Helene Fosse Næss

2C- “Equality” is just a saying

«On the sports field or on the stage, there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best.” The world is filled with people of all sort. Some people are white, and some are black, some are gay, and some are straight. If you look closely you will find something different in everyone, but is it true that there is a place where everyone is equal?

Throughout all time, there has always been diversities. Diversity in the way we look, the way we talk, the way we think. The True Sport program have based their program (New Youth Participation in Sport) on the principle that sports are united activities. They help young immigrants socialise and find new friends through sport, nevertheless decrease the differences between immigrants and their classmates. The program helps young immigrant by lending away equipment and help finance the ride to and from the activities. One of the youths the program has helped is 17 years old Damodar Kuikel, from Nepal, and he tells that “playing sports is important for any newcomer youth because they get to meet new friends and they also learn about Canadian sports and culture as well. If every newcomer had a chance to make a sports team that would be great.” The program has helped multiple youths adapt to one another and the director of Newcomers Program, Lisa Bamford report that “people from diverse culture coming together through sports builds a strong and more inclusive community.”

The feeling you get when you belong somewhere is probably the best feeling. Having your teammates back you up and support you. The feeling of being allowed to be yourself. Soccer is one of these sports or is at least meant to be. There are sadly many stories that tells otherwise. Rhian Brewster, Liverpool, has been racial abused several times and he is not the only one. “I got fouled, I was on the floor and I had the ball in my hands. One of their players started saying stuff in Russian to the referee. I said: It’s a foul, man, what are you playing at? I was still sitting down at this stage. Then their players leaned over me, right down to my face and said a really ugly and disgusting racial slur that I don’t want to repeat here” Brewster reveals. It is sad that there is story like these to be told. Soccer is meant to me a sport where everyone can be themselves and just enjoy being out there doing their best.

The series Glee is a great example of people of all diversities getting together on a stage. Glee is about a divided group of people that join a singing group at school. There are multiple people with multiple personalities. There is one rich and popular girl, one trance, one lesbian, one unpopular girl, one basketball player and so on. They got together and song. In that room where everyone sang, they were the same. They were not one popular and one unpopular girl, they were not one straight and gay guy, they were equal. Enjoying being out there doing their best.

Music and dance are performed in many ways in many different countries. Almost everyone has their own way of dancing and singing, but almost everyone can sing or dance. It is almost like a language. A language with multiple different ways of speaking. The language has a red line drawn through it and everyone that speak on version of it get what the others are trying to say, but they are used to say it in another way. It is a way to communicate without knowing one another and without having that much in comment. A great example of people coming together through music is in the song “We are the World”, in this song there where several musicians that “come together as one” and made a song to underline the fact that music is a global language. Music and dance are a similarity line between, almost everyone, but it is also a big difference line. Due to both differences and similarities.

In conclusion, there are both diversities that are still there and some that are broken in both sports and culture. You will find diversity between everyone if that is what you are looking for. On the other hand, there are so many similarity signs in almost everyone as well. Remember that it is important to be yourself, but at the same time, you belong.