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Survival Guide example

How to survive Tanglin Trust School!


This guide is essential reading for every newcomer at Tanglin Trust School - children and adults alike. The easy to recognise facilities are located in Singapore, led by the effervescent Mrs Harrington Wilcox whom students call ‘Mrs H-W’. Despite being an excellent building for children, this place is not devoid of danger. Therefore, it is essential that you are well informed and prepared for life at this facility. Not only will this guide provide you with top-tips for survival and information on the camp, but also it will teach you about the fellow students and teachers.

Top-tips for survival

Rule #1 - Pause for 3!

Unlike most schools, Tanglin is full of many extraordinary facilities such as the Future Learning Room. This room is similar to the headquarters of Google, so before you enter think carefully ‘should I be in here?’ and ‘what damage could I cause?’ If you find yourself in a room unattended, don’t be alarmed! Just count to ‘three’ in your head and take a deep breath.

Rule #2 - Trust no-one

People are not always as they first seem in the school so it is advisable to remain alert. Many would view Miss Cottam as warm and affectionate, but this is not the case. She usually has a tendency to explode when children don’t put their hand up or tell tales on each other. Most children, especially those in her class, now always underline their DUMTUM after what happened to a poor child in Term 1.

Rule #3 - Think before you speak

Despite appearing kind and caring, most of the teachers will not take kindly to children who repeatedly ask questions or make unwanted comments. For example, Miss Hatton despises being interrupted during assemblies - it is best to force a smile in all circumstances although she may make this difficult at times. In addition, it is annoying for female members of staff, who are not married, to be labeled as a ‘Mrs’ - ‘Names have powers’ so use them with caution.