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Advice for a High School Student Preparing for College


Advice for a High School Student Preparing for College

Hello future university students!!

I can imagine you all are very apprehensive about the new stage of life you are about to experience. College is a big step for everyone to take. It means more independence, but also more responsibility. I have come up with a list of tips to hopefully make the transition easier for you.

    1. It’s important to keep up with your studies. It’s easy for university students to get involved in having a social life and let their schoolwork slip. Remember that the further behind you get, the harder it is to catch up.

     2. It’s okay to ask questions. As long as you have been paying attention in class and your question is not something the professor just said, ask! Maybe your classmates have the same question.

      3. Telling the truth will always get you further than lying. If you do something wrong, like cheat on a test, always tell the truth. Your professors will appreciate you much more for being honest than continuing to try to cover your error up.

    4. Studying is important, but so is enjoying life. Some students become so involved with their studies that they don’t make time for fun. This is not good. You should find a balance where you can be successful in your classes, but also do healthy activities you like.

    5. Establishing and maintaining a support system is crucial. We all need someone to lean on when times get tough. Knowing you have a circle of friends and family that you can count on when you are going through difficult moments is what will help you make it through them.

    I hope these tips help you. And remember, like in other aspects of life, attitude is everything. If you maintain a positive attitude throughout your university experience, you will most certainly have the time of your life!