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COVID Prevention

Wilson Huang

"#COVID19 #Masks

Cloth Masks May Prevent Transmission of COVID-19: An Evidence-Based, Risk-Based Approach l Via @CarlosdelRio7










"Today is #HandHygiene  Day!

Hand Hygiene is one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including #COVID19.

Join the #SafeHands  challenge and practice the right technique.#who #dubai #COVIDー19 #HandHygiene"

"A short #writeup for #contacttracing , a relatively #successful method to track #covid19 cases and #prevent the further spread of this deadly #viral #infection"

"@SayftyCom @pragyavats @stc_india @vickyroy87 A1 Children on the street are lacking access to basic sanitary facilities. Making it impossible to manage hygiene and prevent #COVID19 infections.

Also there are less people on the streets which means their vulnerability to exploitation is increasing. #sayftychat"

"""That will absolutely occur (up ticks in #COVID19 cases), but it's how we deal with it...that will prevent us from getting the kind of rebound - not only illness and death - that will set us back in our progress of opening up the country."" -Dr. #Fauci"

"Professional sports leagues doing everything in preparation for their seasons except giving health insurance for players, coaches, trainers & stadium staff. Two months since the last game was played & no new information on how to prevent the spread of #COVID19"

We thank the Guardians of our Government for continuing to provide services to our community as we #StayHome and prevent the spread of #COVID19.

"Social distancing and staying at home are the best ways to prevent the spread of #COVID19

But if you must go out, be sure to cover your face.

Here's how to properly wear a facemask/face covering.

Visit our dedicated ""Coronavirus Response"" page on our website more info."



Caring for someone with #COVID19? Prevent your own illness by practicing everyday preventive actions. Clean hands often, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, limit contact with anyone who is…"

"If you want to have your say on the governments measures to prevent the rapid spread of #COVID19, complete this questionnaire and help them understand your needs better: This survey is by the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute. cc @moemz07"

"@colvinj @JonLemire This study is a bogus attempt to prevent use of HCQ in #COVID19.

1) It’s a retrospective study. Not the gold standard prospective study.

2) Known: Z-Pak and CQ less heart stable than HCQ. Hence, already used scarcely.

3) Study likely banned good results: e.g., HCQ+Remdesivir."

"Heard of contact tracing? Several counties have implemented programs to prevent the spread of #COVID19. With more testing avail, @stclairhealth expects an increase in cases one of the reasons they’re looking for more contact tracers. Details tonight on @KMOV"

"@sumac_h #NIH has begun an outpatient #clinicaltrial of 2,000 adults to evaluate whether hydroxychloroquine, together with the antibiotic azithromycin, can prevent hospitalization and death among people with mild to moderate #COVID19. Learn more:"


#AarogyaSetu is our bridge to prevent spread of #COVID19 in India. It will help us to stay informed with latest updates against #COVID19, & enable the Govt to plan initiatives.

Install it from Play Store:


Classes have started back up at Taylor Driving Schools. We take health and safety seriously here and are taking all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during our training. The office is currently open by appointment only. #SocialDistancing #coronavirus #COVID19

"The fear of #covid19 #coronavid19 na hin make Bank Manager, use spiral bind Cover do helmet,

What will this prevent?

Dey will sha not beat me, on tip my Profession

#thematter #mattersoftheheart @ddhubnaijaApp @ 174…"

DYK: #manufacturing impacts 1/3 of our economy? Support your local #mfg businesses @BuyMissouri and through our #Covid19 products & services directory featuring items that protect & prevent the spread of the pandemic:

"@CindyCordeiro7 @selfishpc1 @thebradfordfile @SaxophoneThe @bamanicky @godsheart6773 @yolishemp @tlg696969 The reason people are struggling due to #Covid19 is because of the incompetent orange imbecile. He failed to protect Americans by doing nothing for two months, and that critical time to prevent, and control the pandemic is gone forever unfortunately. 👉"

"Exposing yourself to the sun or to temperatures higher than 25C degrees DOES NOT prevent nor cure #COVID19. The virus can be transmitted in any climate, including areas with hot and humid weather. In hot climates improvement of the ventilation in indoor public places is suggested"

"#ChildProtection Measure No5: @_AfricanUnion MS should put in place concrete measures to prevent child-family separation, and ensure support for children who could be left alone without adequate care. @sos_children @SOSCVESAF @SosLeone #COVID19"

"Checking for #fever may become more common as we progress through the #COVID19 crisis. It certainly won’t catch all people infected, but it is one part of an overall strategy to prevent transmission.#hdpt #pt #physicaltherapy #essential #openforbusiness #wakefieldma #burlingtonma"

"@robmeldrum @andrewswright @Chenbariatrics1 You do realize the reason for the mask, right? Not ""so we look cool in the movies"" but to prevent passing infections to others. Communicating and infection prevention are NOT exclusive. Fighting #COVID19 needs leaders that model good behavior. #WearAMask #MedTwitter @FDRLST"

"Do your part to prevent the spread of #COVID19 and complete your Census questionnaire online from the safety of your home. Visit to find out more. #MyHealthCounts


"Ha! There’s this thing called the first amendment that would prevent any #ExecutiveOrder from ever being anything of substance. It’s another distraction vomit from @realDonaldTrump to distract everyone from 100,000 people dying on his watch due to #COVID19"

"@supaaronpaul @sandbags @Conaw @RoamResearch Has anyone compiled a list of suggestions to prevent data losses? I just finished a 6-weeks-long #COVID19 project for a client, and I have time to jump back into learning. I was literally going to give Roam a second chance this afternoon, but no way if data loss is still a risk."

"Unfortunately, its not until we personally deal with having the virus or witness a love one get it that it becomes real. Please do not wait until this moment. ACT NOW! Do the necessary things to prevent unnecessary Coronavirus related deaths. #COVID19 #StayAtHome #lovelansing"

"When we begin a safe & phased reopening, it will be more important than ever to do the basics to prevent the spread of #COVID19. That includes washing your hands very frequently. Nikki, our lovely #Pussyfooters friend, gave us a demo to help remind y’all. #COVIDNOLA"

#HandHygieneDay2020 @CGSParamedics reminds everyone to wash their hands and help prevent the spread of #COVID19

"On International Day of #UN #Peacekeepers,we recognize the incredible work of Peacekeepers from 🇵🇰 🇨🇦 and around the 🌏 who are on the front lines to promote peace, prevent conflict, & protect civilians, including in response to the #COVID19 pandemic. #PKDay @UNPeacekeeping 1/2"

"Selamat Hari Raya! During this period let’s stay safe and keep our “visiting” digital for now! #Covid19 shouldn’t prevent us from celebrating this joyous occassion with our loved ones!

#inPixelHaus #HariRaya #Raya2020"

"The president tweeted misleading info about wearing masks to prevent #COVID19 this morning.

The article claims masks are used for “social control.” Social control is not a new concept. There are many forms of it that are widely supported in society...1/2"

Scientist are racing to create a vaccine to prevent #covid19 and recent polls showed half of Americans would not take it 🙃#vaccine #coronavirus

@celinegounder @cnn @drsanjaygupta can u cite double blind controlled studies that show masks prevent the spread of COVID19? How about that masks are more effective than gloves? #science #COVID19 #CoronavirusPandemic #studies #evidence #propaganda

"#Telangana CM #KCR orders strict regulation of #lockdown norms in #Hyderabad to prevent spread of #COVID19

#TelanganaFightsCorona @TelanganaCMO"

Reminder: The @US_FDA has warned against using hydroxychloroquine to fight or prevent #COVID19. Doctors and scientists say there’s No proof it can do either of those things.

Happening Now! Tune in to ▶️ @TheUnion_TBLH #OPENACCESS WEBINAR How to prevent 1.4m deaths - advancing TB care & prevention in a time of #COVID19 👉

"There is NO RESEARCH to support reversing a mask to prevent #COVID19

who demonstrates proper use of medical masks with the