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CBS journalist Gayle King makes the first interview with R&B artist R. Kelly after he was appealed for ten cases of sexual assault against four victims, three of them aged 13 to 17 years.

 – I did not do these things, I am fighting for my ****** life, says the singer crying.

He is clearly upset when he is confronted with the charges in the interview with CBS. He calls the charges against him absurd and denies having sexually abused women and girls.

Recently, several women have appeared with stories of abuse, including in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” which is a six-part Lifetime documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against the American artist. Illinois and Georgia state prosecutors have opened investigations as a direct consequence of the documentary which appeared in January this year. They have contacted several of the victims who have emerged. In the wake of the documentary, the record company Sony Music has also terminated the agreement with Kelly.

Singer R. Kelly was placed in handcuffs as he entered a Chicago police station Friday night, hours after he was indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse -- a class 2 felony -- involving four alleged victims.

At the end of February, he was released on a one-million-dollar bail. The scandalous artist has been charged with sexual assault for a number of years.

During the February hearing, the prosecutor told about a video showing how Kelly repeatedly had sex with a 14-year old girl. They also showed that DNA taken from another victim`s blouse voted with DNA from Kelly`s semen found in a third victim.

The same day his fiery interview with Gayle King aired on "CBS This Morning," R. Kelly was arrested and taken into custody in Chicago following a hearing over unpaid child support, the Cook County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday.

Kelly faced a charge of failure to pay $161,000 in back child support. Failure to pay child support in any amount over $20,000 is a felony under Illinois law.