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Former «King» of R&B, singer R. Kelly has recently been brought back in the spotlight for all but good reasons. A new docuseries was recently released called “Surviving R. Kelly”, were the women who have accused the singer speak up about the sexual assault allegation.

The R&B star was just released two weeks ago on $100 000 bail after being charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse against four victims, three of whom were between the age of 13-17 when the abuse took place.

  A lot of abuse cases including sexual abuse has often something to do with the upbringing of the person. To get to know somewhat why Robert did it or at least got accused of this, we will take a look at his rough past.

 Robert and his family grew up in the projects with a family of five, with his dad never being in the picture. They struggled and were very poor, but somehow their mother always managed to get food on the table.

Thinking of the basic stereotype of someone growing up in the projects, you think of a thug, a gangster, you think of guns and drugs and illegal activities. But Robert did not fit the street type. He was a well-mannered kid, who did not go outside and stayed in playing his keyboard, according to his older brother. He was also very shy, and so when people asked him to sing for them, he would often turn his back, so he could not see them.

His mother was the leading singer in the church, so the family spent a lot of time around music and pretty much grew up in the church.

  Everybody who ever knew Robert knew he was very talented when it came to music. And since he could not write or read, he used to have a beat in his head and play it on his keyboard or his guitar all the way until he got it right. He later got an opportunity to go to a studio and play some music for a producer. “When he started to sing it was so good, I immediately thought it was a hit, and he was singing something already written. He reminded me of some greats like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cook.” The producer said.

After this Robert stayed busy, and went to the studio every chance he got, he became obsessed with music, because it took his mind of reality.

“As a kid, I had lots of secrets. Some were terrible, some were beautiful, some were both… One secret was about what was happening to me at home” Robert Kelly

At an interview with Travis Smiley, August 18, 2012, Robert said he got exposed to sex at the early age of 8 to 9 years old. And was molested by family members from the age of seven up to the age of 14. Robert said he believed that