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Middle School Safety Rules

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Middle School Lab Safety Rules and Procedures

Your safety and the safety of others is top priority!

You must follow all safety rules while performing any lab, 100% of the time. These guidelines are for your safety and the safety of others. You will be required to pass a quiz with a score of 100% in order to participate in labs.

Rules and Procedures:

Read the entire lab before you begin and follow all lab instructions exactly as explained by your teacher.

There is a Zero Tolerance policy for any form of horseplay during a lab.

If you are unclear about a certain portion of the lab, ask your teacher.

Any accident, regardless of the severity, must be reported to the teacher immediately.

Always transport scissors or other sharp objects with the sharp end down; always cut away from yourself during dissection or other lab procedures.

Eating and drinking is strictly forbidden during labs; only eat, smell, or taste an item if told to do so by your teacher.

Know the location and use of all safety equipment in the lab, which includes: goggles, aprons, eye wash, fire blanket, fire extinguisher, lab shower, safety charts, GHS binder and sharps/broken glass container.

Report any damaged or broken equipment to your instructor immediately.

Check cords and plugs for damage and keep the area dry when working with electrical equipment.

Clothing and Safety Equipment:

Baggy clothes and long hair must be neatly secured while performing any experiment.

Safety Goggles must be worn when:

o Working with any form of heat

o Working with chemicals

o Working with sharp objects

o Determined by the teacher

Heat Source:

Attend to heat sources 100% of the time.

When heating a substance, use proper equipment and point it away from everyone.

Any glassware that is heated should not be immersed in cold water.

Lab Cleanliness:

Keep your lab area neat and clean.

Always dispose of chemicals properly and never return unused portions to the original container.

Solid trash should be placed in the trash can; liquid wastes should be placed in the sink with lots of water or other designated disposal area as determined by your instructor. (Broken glass goes in the sharps container)

All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned at the conclusion of the lab and returned to the assigned area.

Wash your hands at the end of each lab.


Only mix chemicals in the order described within the lab. Always add acid last.

When smelling any chemical or substance, do so by wafting.

All chemicals and/or any lab supplies must be accounted for at the completion of the lab. No chemical, item, or specimen should ever leave the lab room.

Chemicals splashed on the skin or eyes should be flushed with water for a minimum of 20 minutes.