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Modern Man


1: The pecking order is re-established in every social circle.

Commercial artists' delight results from the admirable aim to find meaning through work that is creative.

Yet, their livelihood is made possible by perpetuating the shallow worship of "art" serving capitalist consumption and existence.

They create the system, but they are seen as "outside the system" - the non-office worker, the exceptional modern human.

Self-proclaimed as modern nobility by achieving self-sufficient satisfaction, these proselytizing Brahmin spin the myth that self-responsibility for one's life is timeless law and thereby entrench their status as above the strugglers.

This modern human fixates on expression to escape the churning of human spirit inherent in institutional logic.

2. Our minds are blocked of any alternative.

Professors dictate what is intelligent and establish as second-rate the thinking people do for themselves.

Discussion is used to prove their worth - the academic is the person with the final word.

Yet, they confine their intelligence to explication, providing meaning without action, and research without enterprise.

The "best" thinking happens inside cloisters, hidden from public view in academic papers.

Therefore this practice of critical review gets confused with intelligence, the process of deliberate thought.

Cynical nay-sayers and cocktail party problem-solvers mimic this misguided conception of intelligence by giving their opinion based on available facts, rather than connecting their abilities to a problem and working it out.

Parallel with professors, the intellectual modern (hu)man presides over decision-making while not making actual decisions.

The best framers describe from the top; the less-smart-by-default workers consign themselves to best-fit employee-hood.

Change derives from experts, whereas the people's contribution is reproducing the prevailing wisdom, found on radio or television.

University gives bright and petty egoists the giant-shoulders perspective to instill servitiude into the participants of their institution.

Become educated and be the best you can be, whether underneath layers of hierarchy or commanding others by necessity.