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Make Cycle 5: Reflecting

May Kendrick

I've missed the last few make cycles b/c Ive been busy teaching/facilitating. Last week I lead a writing camp for middle schoolers. This week I've been facilitating professional development for teachers at my school. Today my local NWP peeps are meeting in person to talk about the CLMOOC, so I thought I'd check back in to see what's going on. This week's topic, "Reflections", has prompted me to reflect on the idea of "Making", especially as it relates to what I did last week and what I've been doing this week. The writing camp and the PD both went well, and I think a big reason for that was that there was a lot of "making" going on. The kids were making poems, stories, blogs, cartoons, videos, etc. The adults were making unit plans, assessments, etc. The focus on making tangible products was energizing for both groups. Also, a ton of choice was involved. Students picked their own projects. Teachers decided for themselves what they were going to work on. I've got to keep these two concepts at the forefront of my mind this tear in my work with teachers: "meaningful making" and "making by choice".