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Stephanie Bearce

Would you like a furry pet that likes to jump, play, cuddle, and purr? If so, a kitten could be the perfect pet for you. Baby cats are called kittens, and they like to be with people. They enjoy playing games, chasing string, and batting balls with their paws. Kittens love sitting on a person's lap and being petted. They are small and like to live inside with people. Kittens make great pets.

Have your parents said that a pet would be too messy in the house? Kittens are neat and tidy animals. They do not often need a bath because they use their tongues and paws to dean their fur. Kittens are also tidy about their bathroom habits and quickly learn to use a litter box.

Do your parents say that a pet needs lots of room? Are they worried about exercising a pet? You can tell them that kittens do not need a lot of space. They are happy living in small apartments and are good pets for people who live in towns and cities. Kittens do not need to go to the park for exercise, and they do not need to be walked on a leash. They exercise by jumping and running around the house. Because they are so active, it is important to keep their play space dean and free from objects that could hurt them. Kittens must be supervised to ensure they don't tear up things they shouldn't-likefurniture, carpets, or curtains.