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The Death of Luke Perry

The famous “Beverly Hills, 90120” star Coy Luther Perry III, most known as “Luke Perry”, died on Monday 4th of March at an age of 52 years old. Perry was known as a popular American actor, but he still kept his private life well away from the glare of the spotlight. He was performing since his mid-teens, and he was active in the industry for more than 35 years.

Luke Perry is most known for playing “Dylan McKay”, a teenager bad-boy who struggled with alcoholism, in the series “Beverly Hills, 90120”. The series was originally airing from October 1990 to May 2000. He was 24 years old when the series started, although he had a role as a teenager. He was a part of all the 10 seasons, except from season 7 and 8.

Perry quickly became a heart-throb for teenage girls, and therefore he is a popular man by todays grown-ups. There are only a handful of television shows that have been as influential in their respective genres as Beverly Hills (utdyp). and therefore the series shows a good documentation of the popular fashion and lifestyle in the 1990s. (utdyp)

Other popular series he had a role in was “Buffy the Vampire Slaver” which was released in July 1992. For teenagers today, he is most known by playing the role as “Fred Andrews” in “Riverdale”, which is a popular series that was released in January 2017.

Luke Perry died at the 4th of March. His family issued a statement saying that he died after a massive stroke. The 27th of February, he experienced a stroke at his home in Los Angeles. After this, he was under observation at “Saint Joseph Medical Center Burbank” in California. Sadly, he died from the complications after a second stroke only a few days later.

After the tragedy of Perry´s death, “New York Times” published two articles about strokes. It made the readers gain an insight about strokes even when it comes to younger people under the age of 50. Because of this, the terrible death of Luke Perry made us more informed about the risks of younger people having strokes.