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English as a global language

Bjørnar Århaug

English as a global Language.

English is deemed the Lingua Franca of the world. The language is spoken of more than one point four billion people in the world today, both as a primary, secondary and third language. It’s the second most spoken language in the world today. English is being used for everything from international trade, to helping German campers in the summer. But how did English come to become the most popular languages in the world?

English is originated from western Europe, more specifically from the British Island, it has been developed for centuries and contain words from all over the rest of Europe.

Around the 1850´s the British empire rose, and with the colonization of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, they brought with them ships, guns, swords, sterling, death and English. Around year 1900, the British empire was so vast, that it covered thirty percent more land that the Mongolian Empire of the great Moguls dating back to the 1500´s. it spread from the US, to South Africa, to India and then to China. It was so massive that you could walk from Johannesburg to the Pyramids without ever leaving British soil. And with these enormous landmasses, came a lot of power, and with a lot of power comes a lot of influence. The British ventured through the entire world with only one goal, spreading their culture, and gaining wealth. And they succeeded in doing both these things. Because they a) took over all the mines they came over, and fed the profits straight in to the Royal Bank of England, and B) because they demanded that wherever they went, the people that they were dealing with should be able to speak English to them, and the colonized natives obliged.

From around 1930, the British empire has fallen greatly, they are still one of the worlds´ richest and most influential countries, but they have “lost” most of their landmass. But the language still remains, perhaps not as the primary language everywhere, but mostly as a secondary, or tertiary language. Schools all over the world teach it, kids all over the world learn it, and everyone in the world can generically communicate with others in it. English is a modern-day Lingua Franca, the same way that Latin was during the Roman Imperial times.

But the reasons surrounding English being a global language, does not stop there. The language is everywhere, every aspect of life whether it is professional life, or personal life contains some degree of English.