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Martin Luther King Jr The Story of a Dream Scene 1

June Beherns


Scene 1: A classroom. Miss York, the teacher, and four students are

discussing the January calendar.

MISS YORK This month we celebrate the birthday of a great American. His name is Martin Luther King, Jr.

DAVID: Why was he so great?

 IDA: What did he do? I've heard his name, but I don't know why he was so famous.

MISS YORK: Which one of you can tell us something about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

DINA: My grandmother lives in Montgomery. That's in Alabama. She told me all about him.

MISS YORK: Tell us what she told you, Dina.

DINA: Martin Luther King was a preacher in Montgomery and my grandmother went to his church. She said that a long time ago there was a law in Alabama that black people had to sit in the back of city buses. If a bus was crowded, they had to stand up when white people wanted their seats.

JAMES: Who ever heard of a law like that! Besides, what does it have to do with Martin Luther King?

MISS YORK: James, that law was a bad one and Martin Luther King, Jr. set out to change it. It all started one day when a tired little black lady name Rosa Parks broke that unfair law.