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English as a global language

English as a global language

People from all around the globe speak English and it is deemed the Lingua Franca of the world. Most people speak English in their daily life, and it is used from international trade to books written in English.

English has become a global language because of the colonizing the British did in the mid 1800´s. The British empire had colonies all over the world, and everywhere they went, they took their language with them.

The British empire rose quickly, gaining landmass in America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, eventually becoming the biggest empire in the history of mankind. With all of these lands and riches, came language barriers, and to overcome these they insisted that people learned English, so that everyone had a language in common to make trades and political endeavors smoother.

Many countries have English as an official language. I have chosen to focus on Australia. As we can see today, Australia is the result of a British settlement in the 18th century.    I wonder how Australia became an English-speaking nation when the country is so far apart from other English-speaking countries.