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Thinking it Through: A Connected Learning Credo

Kevin Hodgson

I’m a strong believer that the changes now afoot with technology are mostly for the better. Even with controversies like Prism and privacy issues, I still believe that the unfolding revolution of digital media will increase equity and access for more people, spark creative growth in more and more corners of the globe, and forge positive connections between those of us who might not otherwise connect. We are in a “moment” right now that is still be fraught with uncertainty; yet the promise this “moment of change” holds is something I place a lot of value in, for myself, for my students and for my own children.

I believe in change. I also believe in making change happen, and in finding ways to help young people shift from the role of the consumer of media into being the creator of new ideas and new ways to express themselves. This is important, in particular, for young people living in disenfranchised communities, and in places where access to technology and to teachers who can harness those tools in meaningful ways are still in limited supply. What feels like the sense of “technology everywhere” is still an illusion in some corners of our world. We all need to learn, to re-learn, and then share what we are learning, and cull from the experiences of others. Collaboration floats under everything. Our definition of networks should be large and encompassing, and welcoming.

 And I realize that we can’t do any of this alone. I believe in the power of the maps that I am constructing around me, through social networking spaces and professional organizations. Connections hold the key to a way forward. I share, and I learn, too, and together, we learn together.

I believe in community, and in how the technology and digital media that I use helps me to make those connections meaningful, so that instead of dehumanizing my understanding of the world, my interaction with digital media makes the world more humanizing. I believe in change, and I believe that change will be positive, substantial and provide a path forward for all of us, together.