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Michael Jackson's sexual abuse accusations

Mari Duestad

Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse accusations

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in 1958, died in 2009 and was an American artist, dancer and songwriter. He is known as the most successful artist through the ages by Guinness World Records and is referred to as “the king of pop”. His fan base is still huge after his death, with millions of people loving him and his music. However, there are multiple speculations that Michael Jackson may have molested young boys in the past, and this makes people doubt how Michael actually were like when there were no cameras pointing at him.

These speculations has been going on a long time. The first accusation was of him molesting a young boy in 1993, when he was a major star and on a tour to support his album “dangerous”. The Los Angeles Police Department executed search warrants in his Neverland Ranch in Los Angeles, but there was never found any incriminating evidence.

When Jackson was on his Moscow tour, the boy’s parents sued Michael. They said that he had “repeatedly committed sexual battery” on their son. Later when the case got more and more attention, the Jackson camp introduces this case to children who then got interviews supporting Michael Jackson. One boy, Wade Robson, told CNN about how they had harmless slumber parties in Michael’s bedroom. In addition, a boy named James Safechuck gave sworn testimony on Michael’s behalf.

There had been made a documentary called “Living With Michael”, and was broadcasted in February 2003 in Britain and the United States. In Michaels’s interview in the documentary, he speaks openly about how he and a young cancer survivor shared a bedroom. This later led to a criminal investigation. In fact, in December he was charged with child molesting, conspiracy, serving alcohol to a minor and kidnapping, then facing 20 years in prison.

On February 28, 2005, his trial began. Multiple people testified against him. The boy from the documentary as well as his brother and the former housekeeper. The boy was 14 at the time, and said that Michael had masturbated him, and his brother said he had witness the abuse. His brother also talked about how he had showed both of them pornography and served them wine. Blanca Francia, who was a former housekeeper in the Neverland Ranch, said that she had seen Wade Robson take a shower with Michael. Wade Robson was the boy who earlier had spoken in support of Michael during his first accusation. Another boy who defended Michael in the past was Safechuck. However, now he did not testify.