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The Chris Watts case

Chris Watts lived with his 15 weeks pregnant wife Shannan and their two daughters, Bella 4, and Celeste 3. On Social Media, it seemed like they had a perfect marriage. Until one day, when the truth came forth.

Chris Watts had secretly started to see a co-worker, and while Shannan was travelling, he spent more and more time with her. He told his girlfriend that he and his wife were in the process of separating.

The night of the murder of August 13, she returned from a business trip. They got into a fight because Watts admitted to having an affair. He told his wife that he wanted a divorce, and then she immediately told him that if he wanted a divorce he did not get to see the kids anymore.

After his wife reportedly told him “you`re not going to see the kid again”, he strangled her to death. He wrapped her dead body in a sheet, and his 4-year-old kid walked in and asked: “What`re you doing with mommy?” Watts carried her dead body into the truck and drove 45 minutes to an oil and gas field in Weld County with his dead wife and his two daughters. His oldest kid watched her little sister getting smothered with her favourite blanket, and she pleaded with her father for her own life, however, she got killed right after.

He went from a loving husband to a serial killer.

The husband addressed the media to get his disappearing wife and his two daughters back. He begged the media to bring them a safe home, and their faces were printed on missing person posters around in the city. 2 days after this he got arrested for murder on his family.

In a confession to the police, Chris Watts told that he strangled Shannan, after seeing her do the same to their two daughters. The investigators did not believe him and charged him with three murders, and with the death of their unborn child. He only confessed to killing his wife Shannan, but after a little while, he pleaded guilty for killing the whole family. Mr. Watts was sentenced in November, and he is serving three life sentences.