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Program Notes for Music

Jane Hampson

Suggestions on setting out your paragraphs for your two pieces


•   Name of the piece

•   Name of the composer

Paragraph 1 Historical context

•   Name and dates of the historical period the piece was written.

•   Main characteristics of music from this period.

•   What types of pieces were written during this period?

•   Who are some other famous musicians/composers from this period?

Paragraph 2 The composer/Song-writer

•   Full name and dates of the composer.

•   Where were they born, where did they mainly live, and where did they die?

•   What is this composer most famous for what other kinds of pieces did he/she compose.

•   Name at least two famous pieces by this composer.

•   Was this composer influenced by any other composers/musicians OR did he/she influence other people?

Paragraph 3 Detailed information about the piece

•   What type of piece is it give a definition. Is this piece from a larger collection/album?

•   What year was the piece written?

•   What is the form of the piece; what is the key and time signature?

•   If this is a song, what are the lyrics about, briefly describe the story and mood of the piece.

•   How did you learn this piece, why did you choose it?

•   What skills have you developed or improved whilst learning this piece?

•   What is the main thing you have to remember to do when performing this piece? How are you going to achieve this?