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Lisa Norgren

Be Aware

On the sports field there is not supposed to be any diversity when it comes to racial abuse, and yet there still is. But do we do something to stop it or do we just bruch it under the carpet? In this text I will discuss this subject, racial abuse in sports.

In the preparation material we read a text called “Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster: “When I’m racially abused, I just want to be left alone”” by Daniel Taylor. The text is about a young Liverpool football-player, Rhian Brewster, who wanted to speak out about different occasions where him and his team-mates was being racially abused, so people can be more aware.

Rhian Brewster also explains several times that he does not think enough has been or is being done to stop the racial discrimination. One example he is using in the text is when he played against a Russian Club where an opposition player said “a really ugly and disgusting racial slur”. The punishment the UEFA responded with was that they made the Russian club close 500 seats of their academy stadium for the next match and display a banner, “Equal Game”, at the closed seats. Rhian Brewster was not satisfied with this punishment, he said “it was nothing really, a slap on the wrist. They weren’t even using those seats. It should have been more severe, a whole stadium ban.”.

I think what Rhian Brewster is doing is very important and it has an impact when it comes to reducing the racial abuse. Making people be more aware of what is actually happening do I think is very important and will have an effect.

Secondly, I also think the punishment for racial abuse should be tougher, If the punishment does not have any effect on the abuser, he or she will continue abusing. That is why I think we need to have tougher a punishment, the consequence should have an impact.

All in all, we can see that there is a long way to go when it comes to racial abuse, and that we have to do something about it. I believe that we have to make people be more aware and the consequence of racial abuse have to be bigger to reduce the racial abuse.


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