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Amber Smith

Yesterday, officials at the San Diego Zoo in California got their first close-up look at the zoo's 20-day old panda cub, and the news is bear-y good. "It's heart and lungs sound fine,'" says Zoo veterinarian Meg Sutherland-Smith. "It's a very robust little cub!" The newborn panda weighs in at a little over a pound and is about 11 inches long. Since pandas are the best animals, everyone should be excited to see the new cub!

Giant panda Bai Yun gave birth to the cub on August 3. This was her fourth successful birth at the zoo since 1999. Hua Mei, Bai Yun's first cub was the first giant panda born in the United States to survive, it is also very cute. Hua Mei has since been sent to China and has given birth to three sets of twins. In keeping with the Chinese tradition, the newborn cub will be named after it reaches 100 days old. I think that they should name it "Champ" because it is the first giant panda cub to survive in the United States.