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The grandad and the dandelion3



The Grandad and the Dandelion

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Image of dandelions blowing in the wind

Dandelions listen silently to an old man's stories. Photo by: Iorgulescu Sabina/Getty

By Yannets Levi, The Short Story Project


Word Count:732

Recommended for:Lower Elementary School - Upper Elementary School

It is possible that you have lots of friends, or maybe you have only a friend or two. Your friends could be children, or they could be adults, or maybe your friends are dogs or cats or any other kind of animal. Yes, all of this could certainly be true. But have you ever had a plant as a friend? Have you ever been friends with a flower or a tree? Either way, this is a story about a grandfather who had a very special friend.

Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived alone in a small shack. The old man didn't have children or grandchildren. He didn't have a wife, nor did he have friends. He lived all by himself.

Every day at dusk, when the birds were chirping from their perch in the treetops, as the sun set and the sky grew dark, the old man would sit outside his shack and talk to the dandelion that grew in his garden.What did he say to the dandelion? The old man used to tell the dandelion old tales, so old that no one could remember if they really happened, and the dandelion would listen silently to the old man's stories.