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Culture enriches an individual’s life and that of a people   Life Enrichment   This participant has a very clear concept of the meaning and value of culture.

actitivties based on art, music and literature as well as awareness of the history of a people in the different forms architecture, religion and food.   Artforms   

Culture is an organic reality, developing continuously, shaping our identity    Identity   

making us more cultured, educated and aware of the values of our society.   Values   

Vibrant cultural society   Society   Interesting that volunteering and double insularity was mentioned with regards to culture in general.

Gozo has been undergoing a prosperous renaissance complimented by strong volunteering in the sector   Volunteering   

spirit of survival which is an effect of double insularity which helps Gozitans to achieve   Double Insularity   

cultural niches in Gozo not only increased in numbers but also in their quality   Quality   

reached national expectations rather than regional   National Level   

main source of income rooted in a cultural activity   Main Source of Income   

all sub-sectors are being involved   Participation   No mention of lack of priority towards culture. Intrinsic value is mentioned together with audiences

performing artists are being given the resources and support to produce concerts and exhibtions   Support    

publishing of books.    Priority   

Festivals and operas are also sponsored heavily.    Priority   

intrinsic value of certain artforms of operas to individual and society   Value   

Attract Maltese and foreign audiences.   Audiences   

realities present in the cultural sector of Gozo merit a regional cultural policy that would aid directly and spur local Gozitan talent.

   Regional Cultural Policy   

Regional Cultural Policy focusing on Volunteering and Export. Volunteering is emerging as a category. Explore ways how to encourage further volunteering in the sector

Gozitan cultural operators are emerging even in Malta and overseas.    Export   

Even the fact that voluntary work in the cultural sector of Gozo, something which in Malta has become almost extinct indicates this direction.   Volunteering   

If you are not well acquinated with those who adminster culture, it is difficult to express a suggestion or an opinion.    Access   Lack in accessibility to administration while prominence is given to promotion of music activities locally and overseas.

I believe that culture is being promoted in all forms which it is being practiced.    Promotion   

Local festivals are positioning better Gozo on the international stage.    Internationalisation   

it is difficult to express a suggestion or opinion with administration.    Access   

Cultural activities are heavily supported by government in the capital and all over Gozo.

without substantial support from governmental cultural entities, some productions such as operas, concerts and high profile events cannot take place.    Government Financial Support   

cultural initatives not only in the capital city, Victoria but also in the villages    Villages   

Better planning of regional cultural programe, good spread over a year   Cultural Programme   

Improvement is mentioned with reference to a well-planned cultural programme in advance which avoids duplication.

Wherever possible, cultural activities are organised all over Gozo such as during Christmas and Easter.    Cultural Programme   

Regular meetings every three months with cultural organisations and local councils.    Meetings   

avoid duplication of events   Duplication   

Every other sector in Gozo depends on the cultural initiatives chosen and organised.    Other Sectors   

Strong ties between culture and tourism, and, culture and community life.

the tourism sector which is the major economic niche of Gozo, is enriched by a programme of activities which make Gozo a distinct destination.


even community life in Gozo is based on these cultural activities   Community   

better participation in audiovisual projects which promote   Promotion   Administration could improve in promoting better and formation of sub-committees on different artforms.

Creation of sub-committees of the various performing artforms to offer suggestions    Sub-committees   

represented on national cultural councils    Representation   

Quality and excellence of cultural initiatives    Excellence   

Future policies and strategies should focus on quality and excellence and promotion to attract greater audiences

adequate publicity when needed to promote better the Gozitan cultural calendar.    Promotion   

This will benefit Gozitan as well as Maltese and foreign audiences who cross over to the island for such events.   Audiences   


Every cultural sub-sector should have its’ own policy for the advancement of culture in Gozo.    Sub-sector policies   National government should continue to fund and support national events, regional government should develop a regional cultural programme while local government should act as a talent scout by organizing events to hone local talent.

National government must continue to support national events such as operas and national festivals as well as help artists to export their proucts abroad.    Government funding   

Regional government should support the cultural sector in the establishment of a cultural programme located all over the region   Regional Cultural Programme   

Local councils should support local activities to nuture future talents.   Talent   

months before a regional cutlural calendar is planned and estbalished, is marketed properly and on time.    Cultural Programme   Export could be enhanced via better promotion using all media channels available. Also involvement of embassies and consulates in promotion.

digital technology, such adverts can be promoted online with very low budgets    Promotion   

embassies and consulates can market the continues flow of variety of cultural events.   Internationalisation   

encompasses all that which has a message to convey   Communication   Culture is communication

All that we do is part of culture. I believe that everyone contributes to culture   Participation   This is linked to the right for culture

in recent years, culture has been greatly prioritised in Gozo   Priority   More opportunities lead to advancements in cultural sector not associated with just religion or tradition.

several initiatives which are presenting more opportunities for all interested participants   Opportunities   

everyone can contribute   Participation   Linking right to culture with participation

Gozo should be given more prominence and assistance   Support    Gozo as a region should be better aided by central government, financially and logistically. Especially to independent initiatives.

Individuals who take initiative and are not part of an NGO or VO should be supported more   Support   

bands that organise concerts in public places are being given ‘excessive’ or a lot of importance   Excessive importance   Bands produce initiatives which are the same. Lack of support towards exhibition organisers

they would be lucky to find support to organise an exhibition. Moral support is important, but so is financial assistance.   Lack of Access   

Support should be given to everyone equally, particularly to individuals or small groups which have limited financial means at their disposal.   Support   Lack of support

If all those who submit a request for financial assistance, are aided culture in Gozo will go to the next level   Improvement   Equal importance. Everyone feels included

through the Cultural Heritage Directorate within MGOZ links with other sectors have become increasingly prominent and strong.   Other Sectors   The inception of a cultural directorate has improved relationship with other sectors.

propose that the directorate be granted more power to be able to help   Cultural Directorate   More administrative power to cultural directorate MGOZ

having a strategy in place has helped greatly in ensuring that such individuals get the much-needed support and assistance   Strategy   The Gozo regional cultural strategy has improved the cultural sector. Links support and strategy, to cultural programme and Gozo as a destination.

strategy and policy should centre on making assistance available   Strategy   

safegurading Gozo’s cultural future and ensuring that it can continue being an year-round cultural destination   Cultural Programme   

More visible, everyone has his niche: safeguarding of important sites such as the Citadel; and some in restoration   More visibility   More visibility to initiatives, especially heritage.

but I believe that in the ‘pre-directorate days’ there was a lot of red tape   Lack of Access   Lack of Access before the formation of the Cultural Directorate MGOZ

I believe that a tremendous amount of work and progress have been made in relation to culture, which are enabling the public to appreciate and participate in all activities which are organised   Participation and Appreciation

   The public is appreciating the work being done by improved participation,

central government seeks new ways to help the cultral sector continue to grow, thrive and take the next steps forward. Without the push from central government, nothing would be possible.

   Central Government   The importance of the central government to continue increasing budgets towards culture.

I am embarassed to say that I find no support from the council whatsoever, and that support is given to individuals based

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