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Racism in football

by Amilla

- hva kan overskriften være?

Racism is all around us. It is in our music, life and sports. Sport is a diverse environment that includes individuals from different racial and cultural backgrounds. The last 10 years racism has become quite controversial, mainly because of more foreign players coming into football. Racism has been a stain on the soul of football for generations, but a series of incidents calls for tougher action from UEFA and football’s governing bodies. We live in 2019, why is racism still such a big problem in today’s sport society? In this text I am going to discuss racism in football, what is being done by the UEFA and whether it can be eradicated from the game forever and also show examples of two incidents.

Racism can affect anyone. It can make you feel like you do not fit in or you might feel upset and angry. Over the years football has become a very multicultural and inclusive sport all over the world. First of all, football is a sport based on talent, collaboration, technique and endurance. It is about doing your best and having fun while doing it, due to this there is still racism and discrimination on the basis of culture, race and sexual orientation.

 “On the sports field or on the stage there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best.”

Rhian Brewster (17) is one of many football players who has been a victim of racial abuse on the field. Brewster is claiming that offenders are only given a light slap on the wrist. The Liverpool teenager claims he has been racially abused four times on a football pitch. Will it continue to happen unless the football’s governing bodies alter their stance? The most easily identifiable and common forms of racism in football are those aimed directed at black players. Others forms of discrimination such as homophobia and sexism are also common.

The racial incident between Brewster and the Russian team, Spartak Moscow where a Russian player was spitting out disgusting racial slur as a result of getting inside Brewster’s head.

 They do not have another way of beating him rather than getting in his head and hurt him physically, because they could not beat him out on the field.