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Chad's #clmooc Credo

Chad Sansing

Here are my current beliefs about connected learning:

1. We all want - and need - to learn.

2. We all want to choose how we learn.

3. We all want to belong to a community.

4. We all want to choose what to share and what not to share.

5. There are as many ways to learn as there are people.

6. Play teaches us how to learn and teach others.

7. The best answers lead to more questions.

8. Text-based learning is one way to make meaning or make to learn, and other forms of making and learning are equal - not subservient - to text-based learning and making.

9. We should learn, develop, and spread learning spaces that can accommodate multiple affinities and pathways to learning at once, including coding.

10. We should trust kids and honor their decisions about learning despite the pressures we face as adults to produce results, even when we are the only ones to let a kid choose to work differently than others or not to work at all until a trusting relationship is built between the kid, her community, and her learning.